In the development and design of your project, at ANDA we care about even the smallest detail, since we understand each project as a unique and unrepeatable opportunity and therefore deserving of a bespoke-tailored solution for the occasion.

We do not understand architecture as a limit between exterior and interior spaces, but as an opportunity to organize and model the environment in which our life takes place. Interior design is the part that is most directly in touch with our senses. Therefore, we design for sensations, but always bearing in mind the principles that govern all our architecture: sustainability, balance, technical and economic rigor…

The interior design projects of ANDA seek to improve the relationship of individuals with their own environment based on the knowledge and understanding of their needs.

The focus of our professionals is different from that of the decorator, who deals essentially with the aesthetic aspects in a given space. In this context we understand these needs in a global way: aesthetic, functional, technological and social needs of the clients and users of our projects.